Week 2 Reflection – Open Learning

Week 2 is complete and I am still working.  I attended my daughters last State Track meet this weekend.  She was disappointed with one 1st place, two 2nd place and one 4th place finish.  I am glad it is over, but this next week is State Softball in Fairbanks so I will be typing in a hotel again.  It has been hard to get engaged in this class with the amount of travel and distraction I have right now.  Of course, it probably wouldn’t be any different if I took this class during the school year so I will stop complaining.

I have been trying to wrap my mind around what Open Learning really is.  I understand that by providing on-line leaning materials and classes to the world for free can be very beneficial, but that is not necessarily Open Learning.  From some of the postings from this week I get the idea that any free resource or online class could be considered open learning. MIT’s Open Courseware is a good example of this definition of Open Learning.  The only problem is this is not open learning.

Open Learning seems to be more the philosophy that we should take all of this technology and resources and create an environment were students and teachers can create their own learning that has meaning and relevance to them.  Like the article,  Open Learning in K-12 Online and Blended Learning Environments, discusses that this would be like a High School Montessori program. (Graham, L., LaBonte, R., Roberts, V., O’Byrn, 2016) 

While this concept is sounds good it has limitations in the traditional educational settings, but does seem like there is potential for this in home school or on-line high school settings.  I also like the the fact that the “open” is the fact the student and teacher can go in what ever directions they feel they need to go. This is personalization and differentiation at its finest.


Graham, L., LaBonte, R, Et. Al. (2016). Open learning in k-12 Online and blended learning environments.  Chapter 19.  Retrieved at 8:59 am on 5-25-16. Found at http://www.academia.edu/10311797/Open_Learning_in_K-12_Online_and_Blended_Learning_Environments.