Week 11 – Reflection

I am always impressed with our Arduino projects.  This week I enjoyed using the LCD screen.  I don’t exactly know how how the board and the programming controls the LCD screen, but I understand most of the other programming.  I like Sarah’s fix using the twist switch.  She attached the switch between the two sides of the board and just moved one wire to the other side of the bread board. It worked

I also learned that I have to start the typing out the programming before we get to the project.  My typing is not good enough to enter code quickly without several errors.  Things went much smoother when I got a head start.

I really like Mariah’s idea of having students bring in the newest and coolest technology into the classroom.  This would get her students excited and help the teacher stay up to date on technology.

Jule provided an interesting chart of “10 Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Classroom.” This is a quick, visually appealing resource.  I will share this with my staff.

Brian reminded me that today’s’ learners don’t just want to learn or make a living, they want to make a difference.  This will be important to remember if you want to make things relevant for today’s students.

By waclawskid

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