Week 10 Review

I learned that programming can be challenging especially if you can’t find the problem.  One misspelled word or capital letter can mess the whole thing up.  This week I was typing a lot of code and trying to do it as quickly as possible and the result wasn’t pretty.  Next week I will start the programming before class as long as I know what project we are doing in advance.  The larger the program, the more opportunity for issues.

Sarah brought up an interesting idea that Makerspaces help the mental and physiological state of students.  It is good for students to have control and to be able to chase their passions.  This is an interesting ideas that I would like to investigate more.

Mariah proposed a very simple and concise reason for having a Makerspace.  She wants to promote a Growth Mindset and improve student behaviors and creativity.  By focusing on these three items many other elements of a students education will also improve as a side effect.

I like Jule’s focus on the community aspect of a Makerspace.  She hope to bring the community together from fundraising, support and working with students in a Makerspace.  This is a creative way to utilize a Makerspace.

I like the fact that Brian mention that failure should be an option for students. It is important for students to struggle and figure it out.  The is different than the famous book, “Failure is Not an Option.”  This is a large change from what is typically accepted in education today.


By waclawskid

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