Week 10 – Why Does Homer High School Need a Makerspace?

I like this week’s essential questions, but I think the word “need” is a bit strong.  I don’t think we “need” a Makerspace, but I think we will be more effective if we have one.  We should try to have a growth mindset and continue to get better and this would be a good first step.  I still haven’t drunk the cool-aide yet when if comes Makerspaces and constructionist learning.  Don’t get me wrong, it is powerful and it can help some students, but it is not only solution or the best strategy in every situation.

That being said, I am excited to start a Makerspace at HHS.  A Makerspace will excite some students and get them engaged in way other methods haven’t.  I believe in personalizing learning and this is a great way to do that.  In order to meet the needs of all kids we do need to try new and exciting strategies and technology.

If a Makerspace is so exciting and will help lots of students, how do we afford them?  Forbes magazine in their article “We Need more Makerspaces, suggest we should have lots of mini Makersapces.  These mini Makerspaces could be pulled behind a trailer and could spend time at different schools or areas of a city.  While this isn’t the perfect situation, it is better than nothing.

Why should Homer High School have a Makerspace.  Michelle Davis sums this up well in her blog post, “Maker Spaces: The Benefits.”  She feels that Makerspaces have the following benifits:

  • They are empowering ways to learn
  • Provide learner-centric opportunities to learn and grow
  • They make learning relevant and authentic
  • Prepares them for their future
  • Addresses multiple intelligences
  • Invites multi age learning
  • Reflects real life
  • Can make real change in the world.

I feel those are more than enough reason for HHS to have a Makerspace.


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By waclawskid

2 comments on “Week 10 – Why Does Homer High School Need a Makerspace?

  1. I am a proponent of starting small and working up to a school. I think project based learning is a good way to begin and then keep adding. Or, maybe, start with all the students making the same project with options and then move from there.

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