Week 9 Reflection

This week I learned that having a Maker Day is important if you are going to develop a community Makerspace.  Being an educator, I assumed that I would build a Makerspace in a school and kids will come.  I didn’t think about the fact that people from the community might want to use it.  In fact, I don’t know that we can open our Makerspace to the public.  I was planning on having a Makerspace for just our high school.  If we opened it up to the public we would have to deal with alternate funding, supervision and sharing equipment with our career and technical  program.

From Sarah I learned that choosing the right date for a Maker Day is important.  If you hold it during the summer the number volunteer and students who can help goes down drastically.  If you choose a date during the school year it is hard to find a date that doesn’t conflict with something, especially sports.  This is an area that is tricky for all events and if you pick the wrong date no one will show up.

I was introduce to a Quote included in Mariah’s post from President Obama reminding us that we have always been a country of tinkerers and inventors.  This is something to remember because it is important and it is not easily measured or tested for.

Jule reminded me that money is an issue if you don’t have any and Brian agreed with me that our textbook goes overboard with its advise on how to plan for a Maker Day.

Our Arduino project was awesome this week.  Okay, I was presenting, but I enjoyed messing with the programming to change the pins and see what happened.  I now know that we can change were we set our cords up on the circuit board as long as we change the programming.

By waclawskid

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