Week 8 – Reflection

This week I learned from Sarah that teaching today is more about what you do with the information you have rather than memorizing it.  Many students are going to know more than the teacher in many subjects and that shouldn’t be scary, it should be exciting.  It is the teachers job to get them to use their skills and information to grow even more.

I also learned from Sarah that I shouldn’t try to kill myself to keep up with every technology trend.  It is too much to keep up with and I am sure I can find a student to teach me if needed.

From Mariah I learned that Minecraft and Prodigy are good games to implement state math standards with younger grade students.  I am always glad to see real world examples of constructionist learning at work.

I learned from Jule that by having a Makerspace in your classroom, there should never be down time.  I don’t think she intended for that to be her message, but by reading her post it made sense that if students finished their  work, they could tinker or create stuff.  What a great classroom engagement tool.

I learned from Brian that while teacher technically can’t teach something they don’t know, they can give students skills, strategies, feedback and items for improvement.  These are some the keys to be able to teach more than your know.


By waclawskid

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