Week 7 Reflection

I always find it entertaining that before we can talk about the philosophy of teaching, including whether it is constructionist or not, we need to talk about rules and procedures first. Whenever we put more than a couple student in a Makerspace or classroom, there needs to be rules so things run smoothly.   This is one major similarity between traditional and constructionist teaching and learning.

I really like that Sarah is going to try a different variation of a Makerspace by creating a chemistry Makerspace.  This could be a very powerful tool for students and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  It will also be interesting to see what issues, safety concerns and specials rules she will have to come up with to make it run smoothly.  I love to see when people stretch themselves.

Mariah came up with 3 main categories of rules for her Makerspace.  They are: be responsible, safe and respectful.  I like that they are simple and relevant.  I will remember to make similar rules that are simple yet relevant for my Makerspace.

Jule’s idea of having very few rules for what students can do in a Makerspace can be powerful for her students.  Of course, this can also cause problems and safety concerns.  She may want to think of procedures and basic safety rules to make sure things run smoothly.  That being said, she may have a great idea that helps shape powerful Makerspaces.  It will be interesting to see how this works out.

I will definitely use Brian’s diagrams for using a tool and for learning how to use a new tool.  I will use both his diagrams and his rules.  I love his ideas for using a new tool such as attend a lecture, watch a video, demo it or more.  The attendant certifies that each student has been trained on the tool before they use it.

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