Week 6 Reflection

The number one thing I learned this week is that Makerspaces don’t have to have all the best equipment.  In fact, it might be beneficial to go without some materials so students have to be creative and make do with cheaper and lower tech materials.  I think the key is to be flexible and look for free, donated or cheap materials and equipment whenever possible.  Otherwise, a Makerspace can get very expensive very fast.

I really like how Sarah is pushing the envelope for Makerspaces by trying to create a chemistry Makerspace.  I would think this would be better for tinkering, but I like how she is pushing boundaries.

I like Mariah’s idea of adding difficult-to-find tools to a Makerspace that is already up and running.  This will add to what they are already doing and make it stronger.  Her idea of getting local people and grants to pay for it is also interesting.  I like the idea of bringing the community into developing the Makerspace.

Lastly, I like Brian’s breakdown of how you should use your funding for a Makerspace.  He found a resource from MIT that explains what you spend you money on.  For example, you should spend around 40% of you money on major equipment and 10% an computers and so on.  This will be a good source for me in the future.

By waclawskid

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