Week 5 Reflection

This week I remembered that I like tinkering with our Arduino kit.  I don’t know why this surprises me, but I do enjoy it.  I have also learned a lot about circuitry and electricity.  Now I just need to get the programming down.

I have to admit that this week’s topic is something I think am constantly talking about to my staff.  I feel like a broken record asking teachers “How do you know your students have learned the material after you have taught it?”  While this was an easy topic to discuss, I did learn many new perspective on the issue.

From the textbook I like the information about how teachers teach the way they were taught, and how hard it is to change their teaching style.  I enjoyed the discussion from Sarah about the fact that teachers get caught up in their perceived roles and sometimes forget they are there to help facilitate learning.  I liked Mariah’s discussion about the natural conflict between teachers and students and how that can affect learning.  This was a new idea for me.

I think the main thing I got from this week’s discussion is that we need to personalize learning as much as possible.  Students learn in different ways and teachers have preferred ways of teaching and somehow we have to meet every students’ needs.  While tinkering and Making can be powerful teaching methods, it might not work for all students.  The more flexible we can be and the more freedom we can give students, the closer we can get to meeting all students’ learning needs.

By waclawskid

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