Week 1 Reflection – USARobotics

I have to admit that I am getting back into the swing of taking college classes.  I have graduation, and two state sports that I have to deal with right now and my job doesn’t slow down until next week.  This means I understand what many college students go through to keep up with their classes while balancing jobs, homework, kids and other craziness.

I like this weeks assignment because I hadn’t really thought about Constructionism and how hard it is to integrate it into a traditional school setting.  It made me think of why this idea that has a lot face validity hasn’t caught on yet?  I don’t have an answer to that, but it made me think about it.

I learned from Sarah Kitzan that constructionism differentiates itself by creating products. From a chart that Brian Mason posted to his blog I have a better understanding of the differences between traditional and constructionist teaching.  It does seem that that traditional teaching has many negative descriptors like inert and alone.

I look forward to this class and can’t wait to see what I learn am My daughter, who is back from engineering school, is super excited about me getting the Arduino Starter kit.

By waclawskid

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