Week 11 Reflection

I found I love going through the process of finding out what is important to me and to ask and answer the hard hypothetical questions that come up in education.  That is way I really enjoyed reviewing technology policies, what is needed and how I can help. It made me verify what I already thought I believed and made me think about a few new issues. I find that if I haven’t thought about an issue deeply before I have to deal with it in my work, my decisions can be random. When I have truly thought about something deeply my path becomes laser focused which saves me time and some embarrassment.

The item that was a good wake up call for me  was to make sure that emerging technology is accessible to all students especially for special needs students.  I was bad at this when I was a teacher, but luckily I was flexibly and was able to make accommodations on short notice.  While technology can be an awesome and powerful tool, we must make sure it works for all students.

I do believe that Laurie is correct in her post that professional development and leadership are important when dealing with emerging technology.  This is important especially if some legislature mandates all students must learn coding.  That could become a mess without lots of training for teachers and would be very poor leadership.

I also love Melissa Griffin’s idea of creating a leadership team whose entire purpose is to look at and evaluate emerging technology.  That sound like a sound idea that could save lots of time and money.

By waclawskid

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