Week 10 Review

I knew noting about wearable electronics so this week was very enlightening. I think the technology has lots of potential and I could see how people would love to experiment with it.  I do think you can learn some basics of electricity, circuits and science by use DIY electronics in your classroom.  I do think they have limited educational use.  I admit it would be fun and motivational to use them as a craft or in an art class.  I could see putting a couple hundred dollars towards this in the art budget, but only if our teacher gets excited about it. I don’t think this would be worth purchasing in the high school except for art right now as is it doesn’t fit any of our other curriculum’s very well and it wouldn’t be worth to cost.

Sara Lucas had a great idea of using this technology with dance teams.  that would definitely give you a step up in that area.  Sara K. also made a statement that made me think,  This technology could help students be more creative and think outside the box, especially in art.  I have to agree with that.  I like Gerald’s idea that we should add this to a Makerspace.  That is an idea that I will consider in the future.

I do think this is an emerging technology that is worth looking at in the future.  This is closest to some of the science fiction technology technology that everyone talks about being the future.  In the near future I could see DIY electronic tattoos and other body alterations.  In the future I could see wearable phones, tracking and skin smart phones.  This could be something that could be fun to watch develop.

By waclawskid

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