Week 9 Review

It has been a good week.  The first thing I realized is that it is very hard to plan using Twitter.  It may be that I don’t look at Twitter as offend as I should, but it was very clunky.  I thought our Twitter session went well, but it was almost overwhelming with all the posts.  I could only keep up with certain threads.  I like my personal view instead of the  view.  I really liked the function that showed who said what in order.  Otherwise I couldn’t read all the posts.  It was very enlightening.  I wonder if there is a better format for these sessions than twitter.

I appreciated Tricia’s Twitter post about students who have religious views that may not support technology.  That was really insightful and is something that some districts would have to take into account in their BYOD’s.  I know when I worked with Russian Old Believers in Razdolna we always had to work with our community to see what we could and couldn’t do with technology.

I also liked Daysha’s comments that a BYOD would be more effective with older grades.  I do think it would be easier working with the older grades, but I think it would still be effective in the younger grades, but it would take more planning and management on the teacher’s part.  The district and teacher would have to take this into account to make a BYOD policy work in this situation.

By waclawskid

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