Week 8 Reflection

Until this week I haven’t thought about teaching through gaming.  I think this is good idea and something to look into.  Anything that captures the imagination and motivates students is a good idea.

I would not be myself if I didn’t include a little realistic skepticism.  It is easy for teachers to be keeping students busy and completing projects and not getting desired outcomes.  I like to remind teachers about dinosaur syndrome.  It is fun to teach dinosaurs and if each grade has a month long unit, students are entertained, but student may not be learning anything.  The same principal hold in this situation.  If everyone is teaching using Minecraft they will need to be careful so student are actually learning the curriculum.

I appreciated Tricia Turley’s comment on my post that reminding me that we should make sure our students are thinking about others and be civic minded.  When students do this it is like doubling the learning.  It is good to be reminded about this.

I have come to the conclusion that this is another good tool for teachers, but everyone can’t do this or it will get old and students will not be motivated to use it.  I think you should find to teacher who is most excited by this and let them roll with it.


By waclawskid

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