Week 6 Reflection

I enjoyed the discussion on this weeks topic about whether we should teach codding to all students.  I enjoyed reading how Sara Lucas rephrased the reasons that codding is so important.  I do think the fact that their are some many programming jobs available is under reported.  The information she provided that there will be one million jobs in coding that will go unfilled in 2020 is astounding.  That alone should spur some increased attention to coding.

While it wasn’t unanimous, it does seem like most of our class agreed that coding is important and should be taught and promoted in school, but it shouldn’t be mandates for everyone. I didn’t think about Sara K’s reason against programming that teachers might not have the ability to teach this adequately right now.  It would be kind of stupid to mandate something that teachers can’t do.  As Sara Lucas stated, “So yes coding is good but not everyone in the world needs to be a computer programmer. There are plenty of other jobs.”  Tricia Turley put this very succinctly when she stated,  “I do not yet think it has a place as a requirement for graduation, but for students who are interested, I think it is a great option for a high school elective.”

As a technology teacher for over 12 years (I move on to administration over 9 years ago!) it is so easy to jump on the next band wagon.  I think it is always best to wade into technology with caution.  This weeks fad becomes next week garbage dump of technology.  Before we commit time, money and our current curriculum, we need to make sure we will actually meet  our learning objectives.

By waclawskid

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