Week 5 Reflection

I learned and agree with Melissa Griffin that there is sometimes too much data for teachers to deal with and that we need to find a way to process this deluge of data.  I concur with Kayla Pietila’s post where she mentions that security is essential. I appreciated the approached Brian Mason is taking with monitoring MakerSpaces.  I like that his IOT device would track attendance, purpose of use and keep track of materials used.  I hadn’t considered any of those ideas before I read them in their blogs.

I like both Tricia Turleys’s “Wiggle Monitor” and Sara Lucas’ classroom “Music Chooser.”  Both of these devices made me think of simple biofeedback devices that people can use to change their breathing, blood pressure, etc.  This made me think that we could use these types of devices on a classroom level to help with classroom management and to help students be able to focus more on their work.  We could use feedback from monitor to pick music, change the classroom temperature and lighting to pump kids up for active movement or calm them down in order to focus on seat work.

This week’s discussion also made me have a better understanding of all the devices that are already connected to the internet.  I loved Gerald’s Graphic that categorized many of the IOT’s that are out there right now.  It is awesome to think about everything from smart fridges to Fitbits.  I think it would be even more amazing if we could find a way to connect all these devices and get reporting from one site.  I believe this is the next step that needs to happen to really make IOT’s explode especially at the school level.


By waclawskid

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