Week Five: Design an Object That Could Be Classified as Belonging to “The Internet of Things” and Describe How It Could Contribute to Your Classroom.

I have to admit that I am not the most creative person in world so I am going to come up with the Educational Textbook Tablet.  Most of the technology is already available for this device.  The major innovation is how it connects and tracts every aspect of a students education.  Students will use this textbook tablet for all homework, text reading, drawing, online work and more.  Since everything is done on the Educational Textbook Tablet and it is connected to the internet so teachers can track how much time and what pages students are reading their text, what programs they are on and what websites they visit.  It will also track what resources they use to study and what processes and problem solving strategies students use with their math and other subjects.  It will be instantly be able to track what mistakes students are making in math or grammar and be able to automatically come up with a tutorial to help them.  It will highlight areas that student can improve in their writing, math and other subjects and send this information to teachers so they can use it to plan lesson for the next day.

Here is a short list of what it can do:

  • Have all textbooks available on the device in an interactive format that tracks students every move
  • Allows students to do all homework on the tablets
    • All math work will need to be done on the tablet while showing work
      • Math homework is instantly checked and data is sent to teachers
    • All writing is instantly checked for plagiarism, grammar ans sentence structure and the data sent to teachers.
  • The following data will be tracked and sent to teachers
    • Time using the device
    • What programs were used
    • What websites were accessed
    • What pages of the text students were reading or studying
    • It will automatically correct homework and give feedback to students
    • What time of day certain activities where done

The great thing about this device and the data is that administration can access this data and see how students and classes are progressing.  We can track time on task, student engagement and student growth.  This information can be used in discussions with teachers on how to improve their practices and help increase student achievement.

Of course confidentiality with this data is important.  To keep confidentiality all data will be encrypted before it is sent and will not be able to be accessed on the individual tablets.  This means if students accidentally leave their tablet logged in unattended, someone can’t access this data.    Only specific devices with specific MAC Addresses can run the decryption software. While this isn’t fool proof, people would have to physically steal your computer to access the data.

Here is a good video about the Internet of Things by Dr. John Barrett at TEDxCIT.  


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By waclawskid

6 comments on “Week Five: Design an Object That Could Be Classified as Belonging to “The Internet of Things” and Describe How It Could Contribute to Your Classroom.

  1. An Educational Textbook Tablet sounds like a good idea; but I know there are apps already that assign and track student work, send teachers text scores, etc. Were you thinking a kindle, or ipad with the program Educational Textbook Tablet, or an actual tablet just for educational textbooks? Would students be able to take these home to complete, what about students who don’t have access to home Internet?

    • I don’t think the hardware would be the issue. The issue is being able to hook up to several different programs and websites and collecting usable data from them. This data would have to go to one place and then be converted to usable information for teacher to use. We would also need to keep track of the tablets use, time used and other student habits. I think it would be essential that student be able to take these devices anywhere they went including home. (15 years ago I developed a program where all high school and middle school students where checked out a laptop for the year.)

  2. Doug,
    I loved your idea of an educational textbook tablet. Most parents probably have their kids using some kind of computer or tablet to play educational games. My kids love just about anything on their kindles, even reading. I like that you would implement of a baseline as to what needs to be accomplished, as well as tracking the requirements. Teachers will be able to see if a student is struggling in area or mastering others. I think that a lot of data can also be captured, such as what times of the days are most active.

    By the way, did you know that Anchorage has a school, Highland Academy Charter, and they don’t use any hard books, everything is online?



    • I sorry to hear it is just the Charter school that is going to start using only online textbooks. It would be interested to see what happened if they went to all online textbooks for one of their larger high schools. KPBSD is going to all online materials and textbooks for our foreign language classes and I am interested to see how that works.

      The problem with my idea of textbook tablets is collecting usable data form all of these different programs and websites and putting it in a one database and in a format that is usable for teachers. We would have to come up with something similar to PowerSchool only for tablet data. I would think that would be a huge undertaking, but could be powerful if developed.

  3. Sounds like the one and only tablet needed for school! One of our schools here is a 1:1 school. Every student has a laptop. Every student is suppose to use it in their classes, but like most new ideas, it’s not. It would be great for everyone on staff to embrace such a device for learning, but it takes training, dedication, and an awesome troubleshooting personality. (cause technology WILL fail) My math idea is one of your components I see. Great. At least someone else sees this potential! I hope in my lifetime we can see this all-in-one device.

    • I started a one-to-one laptop program 18 years ago and we had similar issues. I don’t think it is a matter of buying in or training, but it is probably habits. You should read the book, “The Power of Habits” by Charles Duhigg. Your school should find one key activity that all students and classes have to do every day. This would get them in the habit of using the laptops which may translate into wider laptop use.

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