Week 4 Reflection

I found looking at Makerspaces to be very useful.  I hadn’t really thought of their usefulness in a school setting.  I am always trying to find way to promote problem solving, high order thinking and for students to apply what they learn.  I feel that is where students get the most value for their learning.  When a student takes a leadership role and tries to find a solution to an environmental problem or to help with an issue like homelessness in their community I know that student will be successful in almost any situation.  Specific subject oriented material can be acquired, but how to apply it in real life is what takes education to the next level.

That is why I really like the idea of Makerspaces.  This is a place that our students can go to explore and apply their learning.  By add vague prompts like “How could we make our school more handicapped accessible?” or “How could we solve an environmental issue in the community?” could create some awesome learning and maybe some great solutions.  This is something that I definitely want to try at Homer High.

I think the most interesting thing I learned from this lesson is how personal quotes do effect readers opinions.  I was really surprised by the response to to quote from my son that I added to my post.  It definitely made my point that Makerspaces had to have some direction and not just a place to goof off, but that wasn’t meant to be the main theme of my post.  That seemed to be the thing that everyone focused on.

I do admit that I have a natural bias to do a cost benefit analysis before I do anything.  I also look to what the worst thing could happen so I can plan for it.  The reality is am a yes principal.  If a teacher can give me a good reason why they want to try something and they can plan for the worst case scenario, I let them do it and try to come up with some money if we have it.  I just don’t like to be surprised.

By waclawskid

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