Week 3 Reflection

I really enjoyed the discussion about MOOC’s, Flipped Classrooms and Genius Hours. I found the idea of Genius Hour to be gemius.  This gives students and teachers the opportunity to go outside themselves, push their limits and see what happens.  This is a philosophical shift that has to potential to change traditional schools in a profound way.  This would put in place a system for students to be problem solvers and apply what they have learned.  This is the higher level thinking that we want students to be doing every day.

This is similar to the Caring for the Kenai program in KPBSD.  This is a program where students need to come up with a good idea, solutions to a problem or an invention that will help protect the environment in the Kenai Peninsula.  It is kind of like a real life science fair, but kids come up with some great ideas and they implement them in their community.  The Genius Hour puts in place a system for students to do this in all areas of their learning and community.  I love this idea.

I also like the Flipped Classroom because this is something traditional school can do right now and be successful at.  This is a good concept that I would love to pilot at our school.

I am not sold on MOOC’s.  The resources are great, but this issue with this concept is that the resources need to be managed well. A teacher needs to find good resources when they need them.  If they can find what they need quickly and it is of high quality, this concept may take off. If not, it will be just another good resource if you  have enough time to find what you need.

By waclawskid

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